1. Rawhide
  2. Dealer
  3. Track Three
  4. Sleepwallkers Woman
  5. Track Five
  6. Track Six
  7. Track Seven
  8. Blanket Roll Blues

Scott's return (solo, anyway...Nite Flights was a Walker Brothers release.)  I once read a review somewhere that this was "post Roxy Music," meaning that it could be seen as a darker, more abstract "Avalon."  This seems fair...

Certainly not for everyone...there's precious little one would call pop, and while not as severely disjointed as "Tilt," there's still quite a bit of introspective (and downright inaccessable) stuff going on here.

Also, I had a REALLY bad time hunting this down...Lasse Yngvesson had the astonishing good grace to send me a copy (along with a tape of "Nite Flights" and a Walker Brothers comp...thanks a million, Lasse!  I owe you one...)

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