1. Such A Small Love
  2. Big Louise
  3. Little Things (That Keep Us Together)
  4. Plastic Palace People
  5. Girls From The Streets
  6. It's Raining Today
  7. The Seventh Seal
  8. The Amourous Humphrey Plugg
  9. Angels Of Ashes
  10. Boychild
  11. Montague Terrace (In Blue)
  12. Always Coming Back To You

Great stuff, obviously, but kind of a weird comp. Julian Cope put this together (he even gives himself credit for it on the back cover,) and maybe he thought he had to focus on the gloomy stuff. Granted, it's ALL gloomy, but this collection is relentless...everything except "Little Things" and "Girls From The Streets" is a ballad. A great mood piece, but kind of a one sided introduction.

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The Godlike Genius... It's Raining Today

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