1. Farmer in the City
  2. The Cockfighter
  3. Bouncer See Bouncer
  4. Manhattan
  5. Face on Breast
  6. Bolivia
  7. Patriot (A Single)
  8. Tilt
  9. Rosary

While past work certainly gave a hint of the direction Walker was taking, it can't be said that it prepared the listener for this.

Almsot as if Sinatra had decided to make a Swans record, "Tilt" is one dark, dark piece. Only after repeated listenings can one make out a coherent vocal thread (but that's not usually a problem: even people who had a negative reaction initially find themselves drawn to it over and over.) There is quite literally nothing else like it out there: comparisons can be made, but they tend to be more on the structural end. Since this album is a mood driven work, one can see the problem inherent. The old cliche rings true: writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

This has been issued in America by what may be the only independent label that matters anymore, Drag City. The American issue is identical to the previous European one (artwork and all,) but there is a cute take on the Fontana label on the promo copies (I haven't seen what the regular label looks like.)

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