(Cassette artwork courtesy Mr. Paul Bearer)

  1. Jackie
  2. Best of Both Worlds
  3. Black Sheep Boy
  4. The Amorous Humphrey Plugg
  5. Next
  6. The Girls from the Street
  7. Plastic Palace People
  8. Wait Until Dark
  9. The Girls and the Dogs
  10. Windows of the World
  11. The Bridge
  12. Come Next Spring

No messing around here: considered by many to be the best of his first three LPs.

It's certainly his most diverse: Side one swings from the "stupid ass" kick of "Jackie" to the bawdy drunken swing of "The Girls From The Street." In between, one finds folkish leanings ("Black Sheep Boy,") blatant sexual deviance ("Next,") and, of course, Scott's signature melancholy ("The Amourous Humphrey Plugg.") That's just the first side.

Side two opens with what could arguably be called "psychedelic lounge," and I don't mean Space Age Bachelor Pad Music. "Plastic Palace People"is a moving and disturbing multi part reflection on the wishes of a profoundly unhappy small child...some days, it's hard to listen to. "The Girls and the Dogs" seems, at first, to be a snotty throw away about sexual frustration, but there's an undertow of spite there that might not have registered fully with a listening audience that was not used to bilous diatribes. The LP is smooth yet scathing in a way that we won't see from Scott again (later works focused on the dark longing aspect, rather than the in your face catharsis found here.)

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