1. It's Raining Today
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Rosemary
  4. Big Louise
  5. We Came Through
  6. Two Ragged Soldiers
  7. 30 Century Man
  8. Winter Night
  9. Two Weeks Since You've Gone
  10. Sons Of
  11. Funeral Tango
  12. If You Go Away

First off, the photographer for this album, a Mr. Chris Walter, has a page...

"Scott 3" finds our hero sliding into a relatively more cerebral end of the spectrum. "We Came Through" shows his more political side (although still with the showmanship at the forefront.) This marks the beginning of Scott getting truly depressed: "It's Raining Today," a truly sad song, opens the LP, and "If You Go Away," another truly sad song, closes it. In between, there's not much reassurance.

"Big Louise" is one of the better known tracks on this album. Popular word has it that this is about an aging transvestite (or maybe Scott explicitly stated this at one point...) There's nothing in the lyrics that inarguably points to this. There is the line "And the sad young man's gone away," which appears to be saying the sad young man is Big Louise herself, but it's open to interpretation. Personally, I believe the transvestite version, but I'm unaware of any definitive explanation.

This album also marks the last time Scott would cover Jaques Brel. History is always open to revisionism, but there is some life in the arguement that this decision cost him his career...see "Scott 4" for details.

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The Godlike Genius... It's Raining Today

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